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How to choose cosmetics for your skin type?

Margarita Geht, creator of cosmetics

There is this big, universe-sized misconception that the greasier the skin, the more it needs to be "dried" and squeaky-cleaned with alcoholic and aggressive products. Skin is by nature a fighter, and the more they try to dry it out, the more sebum it produces. The circle is complete. So today we will learn how to choose the consistency of products based on skin type.

Oily and porous skin

Homogeneous gel, colorless, yellowish or blue shade is suitable for owners of oily, porous skin, skin with black dots, pimples with white "heads" and "subcutaneous" rashes.

Soap "without soap"
That begs the question: how is that possible? In fact, it's simple: it looks just like a bar of soap from our childhood, only without the alkali in the base. An invention for oily, porous skin, men and just conservatives - those who are used to washing with regular soap. Just do not forget that such a tool requires cleanliness and a separate case.

Combination leather

For combination skin with oily T-zone and dry U-zone, sensitive skin and those who do not like to squeaky clean, it is better to choose a cream-gel. Its texture is more viscous.

Foam or mousse are airy, softly enveloping products meant for combination skin, dermatologically dried out skin, people with 35+ acne, or if you're too lazy to spend time making foam from other textures :)

Dry skin

Skin that has dried out after treatment and skin 35+ with acne will also benefit from a cleansing cream with a dense, rich texture. I suggest completing your care with Recipe № 32 Children's Moisturizing Cream, which can be used alone or in a combined therapy with medicated topicals.

Dry and sensitive skin

For owners of dry, sensitive, dry and irritated skin as a result of dermatological treatment, I "prescribe" Recipe № 10: Baby Cleansing Oil.
Baby oil to cleanse the skin. Recipe: № 10
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Skin cleansing oil is designed to care for dry, sensitive, dry and irritated skin as a result of dermatological treatment, atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, epidermolysis bullosa.

How do you know if the product is the right one?

You may not find your ideal at once, you will have to endure 2-4 weeks, but the result is worth it.

Immediately I will give you a checklist of what you have chosen wrong:
  • after washing, the skin feels tight, and your hands are drawn to apply cream as soon as possible
  • pink or red spots appear
  • a film effect on the face, a desire to wash again
And as a finishing touch to your daily care routine, once your face is clean, I suggest adding the "cherry on the cake" Recipe №20 Lipid Restoring Cream, which does not leave a film or a sticky feeling.

Whatever your skin type or features, you should wash your skin and apply the cream at least twice a day, morning and night. That's the first rule on the way to a healthy skin
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