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Margarita Gekht
Dermatologist, visiting expert consultant, author of a unique formulation of Geht Cosmetics products
For me, dermatology - is not just a profession or a hobby, it's a craft to which one devotes one's whole self.
For many years I have been helping people with problematic skin to find the very products that will solve their problem. But butterfly skin is inimitably fragile and does not tolerate half measures and compromises. Where a healthy person's skin can cope with creams containing preservatives and parabens, butterfly skin cannot.
Choosing the right product proved to be a difficult task - our special skin does not tolerate compromises. Years of unsuccessful searches for the ideal product led us to the decision to develop a unique recipe that would cover all product requirements 100%. This is how the Gecht Cosmetics brand of cosmetics for special skin was born.
The company "Celebio" is a new name in the market of medical products for special skin. The company originated as a major project that attracts leading medical specialists to develop unique technologies and recipes for special skin products.
About company
Our operations are based on the principles that define our quality and positioning.
We don't skimp on the ingredients that go into all of our products, but we're not at all picky about
for the beauty of our packaging. The best derivatives, highly qualified specialists and the real needs of patients with special skin are our main guidelines.
Creation of the Gecht Cosmetics product line
The decision to develop a unique formulation for special skin is not a whim for us,
It is a necessity. Special skin needs
special skin needs special treatment. Many years of experience
with people with epidermolysis bullosa, ichthyosis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis
and other skin diseases has allowed us to collect considerable expertise, which formed the basis for the production of Geht Cosmetics brand products.
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