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Cosmetics for the care special skin
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Our principles
We do choose the best European ingredients for our products, even if the delivery time drags on for months.
Best quality
Our products do not contain mineral oils and preservatives, which means that products have a shorter shelf life, but a noticeably greater medical effect.
Most products are labeled "0+" - which means that they are absolutely safe, even for the most delicate and sensitive skin.
The formulation of preparations is composed and repeatedly tested by a professional dermatologist, who adheres to the principles of evidence-based medicine, WHO recommendations and international best practices from Germany, Spain, Israel and Austria.
We don't mask the problem. Gecht Cosmetics products do not contain parabens and silicone, which cosmetically tidy the skin but do not work on the problem. We guarantee that our products will help people with special skin.
Our products are packaged in medical glass containers, which reduces the risk of even minimal exposure to plastic on the contents of the bottle. In addition, each packaged product has a dispenser or atomizer. This is done to eliminate the possibility of bacteria from your hands or oxygen entering the bottle.
Risk minimization
All our products have a prolonged effect and the positive effect after using the products lasts for a really long time.
Prolonged action
A product with a fragrance that solves the problem by 95% or a product with a natural scent but solves the problem 100%? We don't compromise, we offer only the best products.
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